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Influential artist and master printmaker, the late Robert Blackburn created In Everything There Is A Season, a permanent glass mosaic artwork on the platform walls of the 116th Street station on the 6 Line. The original collages created for this mosaic installation are currently on view at the David C. Driskell Center at the University of Maryland in Robert Blackburn: Passages. This first comprehensive retrospective features 90 original artworks by Blackburn. On view until December 19th, the exhibition will begin a national tour in January 2015.


This incredible original painting ‘Something I Can Feel’ by Leilani Bustamante is currently available via Modern Eden Gallery full details here


Adding in some more brights and definition.
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Chris Buzelli

Where The Lost Things Are

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Ryan Tippery | Informel


Anna Dittmann ~ “Optic”

Paintings of paper by Yulia Brodskaya

by Natalia Solomakina

by Andrei Uvarov


Rooms with a View 

This exhibition focuses on a subject treasured by the Romantics: the view through an open window. German, French, Danish, and Russian artists first took up the theme in the second decade of the nineteenth century.

Juxtaposing near and far, the window is a metaphor for unfulfilled longing. Painters distilled this feeling in pictures of hushed, spare rooms with contemplative figures; studios with artists at work; and open windows as the sole motif. As the exhibition reveals, these pictures may shift markedly in tone, yet they share a distinct absence of the anecdote and narrative that characterized earlier genre painting.”

1. Peter Ilsted

2. Carl Holsøe

3. Léon Cogniet

4. Wilhelm Bendz

5. Alfred Broge

6. Caspar David Friedrich

7. Georg Friedrich Kersting

8. Jacobus Vrel

9. Johann Erdmann Hummel

10. Vilhelm Hammershøi


Grant Garmezy Create Realistic Animal Sculptures Out Of 2,300-Degree Glass

For almost ten years I have been making sculptural glass objects with the intention of pushing the boundaries of glass sculpting to create something new and original.

Through this series, I wanted to recreate the idea of the hunter’s trophy using glass. Hot glass is an amazing material in that it can look look like any other material in the world – fur, wood, metal, stone, ice, fire, water – and the list goes on. I use this unique aspect of glass to help bring these trophies to life. By catching movement and adding spectacular color, I tried to create pieces that were recognizable yet spectacular.


by rochelle green

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